The Brooklyn Rail Fiction Anthology


edited by Donald Breckenridge

The Brooklyn Rail Fiction Anthology features writing by: Diane Williams, Brian Evenson, Caila Rossi, Lynda Schor, John Yau, Barbara Henning, Michael Martone, Jacques Roubaud (translated by Guy Bennet), Susan Daitch, Jim Feast, Martha King, Lynn Crawford, Lewis Warsh, Pat MacEnulty, Will Fleming, Carmen Firan (translated by Dorin Motz), Bart Cameron, Constanza Jaramillo Cathcart, Aaron Zimmerman, Sharon Mesmer, Jeremy Sigler, Jill Magi, Blake Radcliffe, Meredith Brosnan, Evan Harris, Douglas Glover, Johannah Rogers, Jonathan Baumbach, Marie Carter, Doug Nufer, Leslie Scalapino, Robert Pinget (translated by Barbara Wright), Elizabeth Reddin, Kenneth Bernard, R. M. Berry, Thomas D'Adamo, Albert Mobilio, John Reed, and Kurt Strahm.

Here is a welcome anthology of inventive fictions by celebrated practitioners - Williams, Daitch, Evenson, Marton - and newer writers deserving celebration. —Christine Schutt

Donald Breckenridge's anthology brings together a brilliant collection of writers, recent, new, and newest. It's a bewilderingly impressive achievement.  —Harry Mathews