Grrrreat for a day, an h.our, a life.time.

You have Qs and no As.

It all rolls off us somehow and we are jumping 


This diving B.

We are always splashing

Into this P.Ool.

This O.cean

This paAty.

If you were to ask me where and how and why we came together

Maybe I could point to something I wore or said or

How you ate what you ate and drank what you D

Or how you threw the olive at that old M

Who stood outside the hallway like he was waiting to admit us to the S.

We run outside when it’s windD.

At our backs and faces, roughing us Raw.

And we have P cheeks and chapped lips and nobody really knows 

What goes on B these doors.

Should we be jittery about 

Fast Cs

Slick concepts

Toothy smiles?  When it is grrrreat right now, 

Under this overpass with the coal rattling through the Ts,

Over this sewer, rippling like the aqueduct beneath a dungeon,

Just inside this window that looks out on the Horror, the wonder,

Of this world that brought me to you, you to me, now, to us, Here,

Where we are solid and weighty and Breaking this bed,

Because we don’t care if it Breaks.

Brrrreak the lamp, the stereo,

The television,

That thing that’s already brrrroken,

And the clock,

And the Radio,

And maybe the reFrigerator, Too.

Brrrreak hot things, and Cold things.

Brrrreak what’s M and Y and O.

And Roll me over the breaking Bed and break it, Grrrr, more.