SuperRare: We got the funk! Do you? Bill Bernstein and Pixel 54 on the legacy of Studio 54

John Reed

Studio 54 is no more: not in the way we remember. No man on the moon with a coke spoon sign above the door—no crazies and geniuses and going-up-in-flames beauties. Bill Bernstein documented life at Studio 54 and NYC discos for three years, and through the film rolls, we keep going back. Night Fever: New York Disco 1977–1979, The Bill Bernstein Photographs was on display at New York Museum of Sex for three years—and you can buy a book (Disco, from Reel Art Press), or print editions, direct from Bernstein himself. And if Studio 54 the place is gone, Studio 54 the sprawling enterprise endures, as a record label (an album was produced in tandem with Studio 54: Night Magic, which was on view at The Brooklyn Museum in 2020), as a website/shop, as a radio channel on SiriusXM, and now, as an NFT.    

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