The Rumpus: "Who Is Ana Mendieta?"


In Who is Ana Mendieta?, the Feminist Press seeks popular opinion through the graphic novel. The newly released title launches a series, Blind Spot, that will invoke (in the words of the press release) “the spirit of revolutions past.” The cleverness of the vehicle is twofold: the use of broadly appealing comic and true crime elements; the direct appeal to a youthful audience seeking alternatives in the limited category of graphic books. Hill & Wang (Macmillan Publishing), with recent graphic biographies of Malcolm X, Trotsky, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, and “The Beats,” paves the way for radicalism in graphic non-fiction. The Blind Spot series, if Who is Ana Mendieta? is representative, brings dynamism and creative kicks to the graphic biography, which is all too often academic and artistically lackluster. ...

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