All The World's A Grave, Hamlet monologue—Act 1, Scene II



Shame and confusion! All is on the rout: 

Fear frames disorder, and disorder wounds 

Where it should guard. O war! Thou son of hell! 

Angry heavens throw hot coals of vengeance!

He that is truly dedicate to war 

Hath no self-love; nor he that loves himself 

Hath not essentially, but by circumstance 

The name of valor.  Cut me to pieces,

Men and lads, stain all your edges on me;

I have done a deed whereat valor will weep. 

Was I ordained, dear God, to lose my youth?  

There is no sure foundation set on blood,

No certain life achieved by others' death!

Within me is a hell:   I do repent. 

O, heavenly powers— 

(regains composure)

It is too late;   

I love in flames.  Such idle talk foretells:  

Bloody I am, bloody will be my end.