Bomb: Rita McBride


John Reed with Rita McBride

“I want to go back to a time before hard lines and divisions, when art and science were joined in alchemy because when an idea transcends any category there is a confluence of elements that are far beyond anything tangible.”

Rita McBride’s work inspires quiet awe and formal glee. Her installations are wry, architectural, archeological, and compositionally astute. In this universe, she is an artist, but in some not-too-vibrationally distant multi-verse, she is a superhero, with the origin story of an engineer gone mad. …

Hyperallergic: In Conversation with Miguel Angel Hernandez


John Reed with Miguel Angel Hernandez

To be a critic is to be an immigrant in one’s own country. It is to seek the new in the oh-so familiar. It is to insist on understanding when judgment comes easily, and seek surprise and the overturning of one’s own certainties. It is to want to be wrong. To prefer to be wrong.

Perhaps that’s what drew me to Miguel Angel Hernández’s novel Escape Attempt, recently translated by Rhett McNeil for an English language edition from Hispabooks. …

Bomb: Barnaby Furnas


John Reed with Barnaby Furnas

“Our world is totally dominated by rectangles.”

In 2004, when I was walking around the Barnaby Furnas show Works on Paper, taking notes for the short review I would write for TimeOut, I had the vague notion that I should really be talking to the artist. Since then, the world has been remade in pixels—Wikipedia knows all, and we are creatures of the clouds—and Furnas's epic imagery has zoomed out, micro to macro, from the scale of the human, blood and guts, to the scale of the planetary, oceans and mountains. …