The Brooklyn Rail: Ubu Sings Ubu


The next morning, I had a black eye, and I didn't remember how I got it.

Alfred Jarry’s absurdist satire Ubu Roi and the art punk songs of the cult experimental band Pere Ubu come crashing together in Ubu Sings Ubu, replete with a Live Band! Dancing Girls! And Five Dollar Drinks!  Tony Torn and Julie Atlas Muz prance, terrify, and delight audiences as Pa and Ma Ubu, and Dan Safer's rollicking co-direction and choreography make for a whiplash theatrical experience.  Recently, I tempted Dan and Tony out for drinks, two orders of mussels, and an interview.

John Reed (Rail): We are live now.

Dan Safer: All right.

Tony Torn:  Great. Grill us, man. Grill us.

Rail:  So, all right. First question of the evening: So is that the same seat every show?

Torn:  Excuse me?

Rail:  Is that the same seat every show, the seat where Julie finds the hidden treasure? 

Torn:  Do we want to give that away?

Rail:  Well, I might go back.

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