Selected Poems, 2016 - 2019


Do you remember when we couldn’t sleep?

So we got up and got dressed and went out

into the city of others …


She says she thought about me this AM.

That would have been right when I was thinking

about how sick …

88 (Mi Mea)

I kept a lock of her hair, which I used

to stuff the head of a doll I repaired,

which is here …


When she was a girl, and I was a boy,

the trees had no kind, the doors had no #s,

and the wind did not …


I was just minding my own business,

just sitting around, all by myself,

waiting for something shitty …

85 (Spell)

If sorrow had no lover, the petals 

of roses woud sing, and night would not heal

the wound, and …

Road Kill (84)

But the birds have no graves, my love, once love,

and there is heaven there, where they reside—


I understand you’re thankful for my help,

that you appreciate all my advice,

which you’ve always questioned …


Twenty years, knock knock, and I'm without strings,

while you, too, rattle your knobs down hallways.