Largehearted boy: All the World's a Grave

Ok, I'm going back and retooling this post a bit.  In 2008, David Gutowski posted my All the World's a Grave playlist to largeheartedboy

I'm writing another playlist for him (my third, there was also one for Tales of Woe).  This one will be a list of the "top, great, best" fifty songs about New York.  I'm compiling the NYC playlist for the new edition of Snowball's Chance, and this time around I've put together a youtube playlist to embed.  Which brings us to the reason for the revision of this post: I also went back to the Grave playlist and made a youtube playlist for it.  So, without further ado, the youtube playlist for All the World's a Grave:

Reed has brought music's remix culture to literature with stunning results. —David Gutowski, largeheartedboy