Selected Poems, 1997 - 2008

They Sit Together in Film Studies

They sit together in film studies.

She sits on his side of the room, a row above him.

He chases her down after class.

When You Kiss Me

When you kiss me,

Forget him, her and

Everyone but me and me and you.

When you see me in the window,

Don’t see the glass,

Don’t see …


Grrrreat for a day, an h.our, a life.time.

You have Qs and no As.

It all rolls off us somehow and we are jumping 


This diving B.

We are always …

At a tribute to Alice Quinn

I stand in back looking at the beauties.

One walks out with me, early, and acts cold,

Like all of it is somehow all my …

I have been nowhere

I have been nowhere, and done nothing.

My life has been pointless and selfish.

Even when I accomplish something meaningful, or …


You are unaware.

Your lip curls on your teeth.

Your breath curls on your lips.

You sleep like a conch.


When children sing, they …

Do Not

Ain’t it the truth

Ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog, cryin’ all the time

Do not disturb

Do not feed the animals

Do not feed the pigeons

Do not …

Psalm #3, After Sunset

Goodnight to the West—my sorrow is the moon.

Give me a heart of flesh, and take my heart of stone.

I know I’ve asked for less—…

Psalm #2, Evening Prayer: Bump in Night

Beneath the blowing fan,

beneath the wind,

beneath the silence you befriend.

Beyond the rumbling train,

beyond …

Psalm #1, Prayer to the Goddess of the City

My City, my City, please heal me—put skin back on my knees.

My City, kind City, please heal me—with dust …


We whisper poetry in the snow,

waiting for the cold (century) to go.

Snow drifts will compile, as we cry and smile,

ice will crystallize, while …

She Will Not

She will not be afraid.

(But she will tremble when we touch.)

She will not sanction waste.

(But she will always give too much.)

She will …

You #3

Sleep took them all.

Four is the hour of regret.

Walk your chair down the hall.

Sit on Lafayette.

Cab speeds someone home.

A couple takes halting …

You #2

Come live with me in the dark.

We’ll never see a mansion, a pool, or a yard.

Come live with me in the heat.

We’ll never feel clean, dry, or …

For Argument's Sake

For argument’s sake, say we are alone.

Say, we are closest to popular songs, and voices on the phone.

For argument’s sake, say …

Lady Visits Orphan

Tell your orphan not to cry.

Say, you’d stay if you had the time.

Say that your loved ones will always be here.

Say, without a …

Angel Felled by Arrow

They will spread their wings and die.

Wounded angels never fly.

They will listen to your wishes.

They will give your their forgiveness.

She and I

She and I we are she and I no more.

Love lies bleeding on the floor.

She and I now share the door.

She and I we are she and I no more.

We …