You are unaware.

Your lip curls on your teeth.

Your breath curls on your lips.

You sleep like a conch.


When children sing, they forget.

Nobody listens, anymore.

We can’t hear our own voices.

Should we listen for gunfire?

Do we watch the future through night vision?

Our bodies will age without knowing.

Will we know when you and I are a child again?

And what will we forget?




Am I listening?

Our bed is creaking.


Ours to set free.

Wait for us, before you go.

These târs will rivet us.

Wave your hand.

You will feel the cables. 

(hour 1248)

We will cross our hands and wait.

Days make me wonder.

Dreams are scarce after sunset.

I am organs in my torso.

With those we love we can.

We can.  We can.

(nothing to worry about, thanks for asking)